Over 90 Years and still a Favourite: A Zoflora Product Review

Zoflora disinfectant has been a popular disinfectant brand for so many years (in fact, it all dates back to 1922 which is amazing!) I myself have used it since 2012 to clean my bathroom, kitchen and any little (or big!) spillages, from dropped juice to milk and it's even seen me through the potty training stage. I moved to a larger house in 2013 with a lot of laminate flooring and whilst that's nice to have it does mean more housework for me *groan.*

I've tried most of Zoflora's disinfectant range so when I was asked to review a product from the range I chose their limited edition Summer Breeze. It doesn't disappoint, in fact it is now one of my favourite Zoflora scents and I wish they'd make it a permanent scent in their range because it's so nice to use, I've especially enjoyed using Summer Breeze over these winter months because when it's pelting down with rain outside and I come in from another horrid school run soaking wet and smelling damp, I walk into a house that smells amazing and never fails to lift my mood even slightly. 

I have seen Zolfora stocked at all major supermarkets in the UK and I've even spotted their larger size in Pounstretcher and their 250ml bottles in Poundland! So there really is no excuse not to try out this household cleaner still going strong after 90 years. That has to say something right?

Check out Zolflora's website where you can find out more about their history, their range and also find hints and tips on using Zolflora all around your home. There's even a pet hub that I'm off to explore now!

* I was sent 1 250ml bottle of Zolflora Summer Breeze disinfectant for the purpose of this review.*

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January's Bargains, Freebies & Wins

Hello! I haven't had any time to blog this half term, we haven't done anything remotely exciting but we have enjoyed eachothers company and that's all the matters. Now I've got a spare moment on my Sunday morning, I can finally share with you January's freebies and prizes!

Because I'm being careful with the pennies I try not to pick up things I really don't need. However, I've started a box of books which I've bought for family and friends and plan to give at Christmas this year. I can't take any photos because they may see them and guess which book belongs to them, but so far, all the books I've purchased have come from The Works in their massive sale, several at only 50p!


I had some good freebies drop through the letter box over January I'm pleased to say! I never just get freebies because they're free like some people may do or may think I do. All the free things I sign up for I either genuinely want to try or I already like the product and getting a free sample is ace. Plus it's better than bills!

I got several Bodyform samples plus several vouchers for money off future products in the same range, always handy to add to the handbag and bathroom baskets and the vouchers will be useful too!

Money Wise Magazine
This offer popped up in my mail box and I decided to sign up with them and see what's in the magazine. I haven't read it properly yet but just by flicking through I'm thinking it's pretty good and will inspire me to keep saving.

Dylon colour catcher
I forgot I signed up for this one and I'm glad I did purely for the laughs! I got a red envelope on my door step and thought it was from a pen pal, when I opened it this tiny booklet fell out with this small sheet floating after it. I thought it was really funny sending literally a sheet out for sample but then it is a sample! I haven't used it yet mind you, I'm too nervous!

I'm not sure how I ended up with several La Roche Posy creams but I'm not complaining! I've popped them in my bathroom basket for future use, I haven't finished using my other samples yet and don't like to open them all in one go, it's such a waste.

Another cream I received last month was this Aveeno cream. I saw it advertised on the television and thought it sounded nice so when it popped up as a sample with Magic Freebies I wanted to try it. I really like this cream and I think I'll buy the full sized product in the near future.

Finally I got this face wash from Soap and Glory! I wasn't expecting their samples to even be this size to be honest, normally big companies can be fairly stingy so I was pleasantly surprised! I've not used the face wash yet but I'm sure it'll be fine on my skin and I'll use it again. 
I also got a Purina cat food sample and voucher which I passed on and a Little Dish voucher which I stupidly forgot to use!


I was getting a bit fed up with not winning anything after the beginning of December but 3 wins came at once. I won £50 in Iceland vouchers by entering their Facebook giveaways for 3 days in a row, then I won a £50 lingerie voucher with Bras&Honey via a blog giveaway so I was over the moon! I also won a Muggles Tour in London for 2 adults on a blog giveaway too, really pleased.

February has been good for wins so far and I look forward to sharing them with you when the month is out. I've not had quite so many freebies this month because as I said, I don't just grab everything going, I dislike clutter so wait for something I really would like to try. I hope I have a few more goodies to show you by then though! 

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Michael O Mara Colouring Books { Review}

Recently I've got into adult colouring books. I tried those really over the top patterned ones and then those colouring for mindfulness books but I got so bored with so much detail to fill in. After a few weeks I bought a Harry Potter colouring book online and I've enjoyed colouring a page here and there. I think it's because it's harry potter and I'm a big fan. I did see on Twitter @OMaraBooks was looking for someone to review their animal themed colouring books, they looked so unique and fun I snapped up the chance.

You can enjoy Doodle a Poodle or Colour a Cat plus plenty more from their site MomBooks (Michael O Mara Books) all very affordable. My favourite is Doodle a Poodle because I like dogs and I love to doodle, especially if I'm waiting for tax credits to pick up the phone...

Colour a cat was a lot of fun to try too. Who knew there were so many cat varieties? I didn't, must live under a rock perhaps? I guess you could even say I got a bit of an education while I doodled? Below are some of the pages I had a go out. Loving my pug in particular.

I love the artwork in these books and can't wait to find some more time to just be by myself and relax with colouring and doodling. Do check out the website for more amazing books if you're into colouring.

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Weekend Box Club Review!

I've wanted to try a craft box out for ages, I have used one before but I couldn't commit to the payments which I'm hoping will be easier this time around because the boxes don't cost as much! I'm reviewing a new Mini Weekend Box costing just £4.95 (plus free delivery) from The Weekend Box Club, a great company getting children (and their parents and carers in most cases!) involved in more green craft, baking, exploring and one on one time.

The first thing we loved was the box itself. With all the colour and the animals printed on the front, both children knew the box was just for them and became very excited to open it! I like the fact the box just slips through the letterbox, I don't have to worry about being in for its arrival and disappointing the children if I happen to miss it.

There are two different crafts in the box, one is a make and one is a gardening craft. Ideal, one each. There is a theme to each box sent out, this one was a rainforest theme so we had a parrot mask to make which Midge claimed and some seeds to grow, which is right up Little A's street. You can subscribe to the bumper weekend boxes if you fancy more crafts and have more time. 

First the parrot, I think you'll agree Midge did a great job on her mask. Everything was supplied and Midge needed very little help from me.

Next the planting! The only extra we needed was an empty plastic bottle that Midge fetched from the recycling bag. Working together we cut the bottle in half then added our soil into the bottom. After following the instructions, we put our seeds into the soil and placed the bottle on our kitchen windowsill. I will be putting our plants' journey on my Instagram so do follow me for our rainforest update!

If you'd like to try out a weekend craft box then all you have to do is register your details at https://www.weekendboxclub.com and don't forget this code: HANNAH303 which will give you your first Weekend Box FREE! Midge has cut out the tickets that came in the box to give to her friends, what a lovely idea.

I hope you have as much fun as we did and if you subscribe let me know, I plan to subscribe and will be sharing our makes, bakes and fun on Instagram and Twitter!

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My Favourite Five Blogger Posts ~ January

Over the last few weeks I've been reading posts and saving them thinking how nice it would be to share those posts from other bloggers on my own blog. I like to share the love and although I enjoy leaving comments and sharing on Twitter, I think sharing a round up of my 5 favourite posts from each month on Cupcake Mumma would be really enjoyable. I hope you enjoy reading the following posts from fellow bloggers.

1 ~ Hannah from Make, Do and Push!

Hannah wrote about her social anxiety in this post titled Social Anxiety and Motherhood: Dear Fellow Mama at Soft Play. I will be honest, this post hit a real sore spot in me and made me really emotional. It takes a lot for a blog post to do that (unless it's really sad of course!) but this post just hit me because I can completely relate to what Hannah is going through in regards to blushing and being nervous but wanting so badly to talk to others without feeling the way social anxiety makes you feel. Do read this post if you have time, especially to leave some virtual hugs for this lovely lady.

2 ~ Beth from There's Always Time For Tea

Beth is a new blogger and I love what she writes. This post A Letter to Anest- Your first school review made me smile. Beth and I have been pen-pals for a few years now so I know a lot about what her and her family have been through with Anest. To be told your child will never do anything must be awful but for your child to prove those same professionals wrong time and time again must be amazing. In this post, we get to share in Beth's happiness as she describes just how far Anest has come since she started her new school. Enjoy.

3 ~ Emma from From Aldi To Harrods

Emma's blog is fantastic for frugal posts, money making ideas, hints and tips and so much more. I discovered From Aldi To Harrods at the end of last year and I have gone through so many posts. One of my favourite series on Emma's blog which she writes every month is titled the 10 Weirdest Things Sold on Ebay. You'll be amazed what people not only put onto the selling site but what people actually buy! Empty cereal boxes anybody? Old, battered shoes? Read January's 10 Weird Things.

4 ~ Becky from Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl

Reading Becky's blog lately has been tough. I've always loved her writing, she joins in a weekly prompt post and I find that her writing always brings me in. Recently Becky and her family have been coming to terms with her partners cancer diagnosis. There are a few posts for new readers to catch up on but one that obviously was hard to read but beautifully written was 'Daddy has Cancer.'

5 ~ Krista from A Life in Progress

Finally, a post that really hit me where I needed it. I can't really express what this post means to me so I hope that you will just read it and if you need to see the same words that they help you too. What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life?

Hope you enjoy this post and all the bloggers posts i've shared from January. If you see a post during February that you think I should read, let me know!

A Request From Midge and a Proud Mummy

I'm not sure where it came from, but as I was walking to school yesterday morning Midge started talking about the school and their Facebook page. Then she asked if they had anything else that had them on, which I replied yes, they have Twitter and a website. Midge looked up at me slightly unsure for a second and then said "I no longer want to be on the schools' Facebook I don't like it. Or their website."

I still havent managed to fully understand where this has all come from. She isn't alone, there are at least 5 other children in her class who are always positioned carefully out of photo and filming view, she will now be one of them. I went to the school as soon as I had seen them both off and spoke to the receptionist who promptly gave me forms, which I filled in there and then and that was that, no more Midge on the website or social media. I'm absolutely fine with that, especially Twitter, which I'm not 100% sure about as a parent but that's a different discussion!

Later in the day we spoke some more, I think she's been learning about the Internet in school and it's suddenly dawned on her that people ALL OVER THE WORLD can see not only what you write, but also YOU. Funny how an 8 year old can get something so much quicker than most teenagers and even adults! I wondered something then, "Midge," I asked, "what about Mummy's blog?"
"Can the whole world see that?"
I replied that yes, they can. Midge has asked me to no longer share photos of her on Cupcake Mumma. Little A will feature a little, but I don't want to have him on here too much because I feel like I'm not including Midge. Our photos will be printed and kept in albums as usual but the blog will be a Midge photo free zone. I am informed that her feet, hands and awesome clothes are still available for blogging purposes should I so wish to use them!! She doesn't want to miss out on a review after all!

I feel incredibly proud that my 8 year old daughter has had the confidence to tell me she no longer wants these things. She may be mine but she is not mine to share. Midge is starting her own blog where we will get creative with photos, this is to show her how fun the Internet can be. I don't want her to fear the Internet. I have shown her how private my Facebook is, gone through the list and can say who those people are so she is happy to still be featured on there, I did have to admit that going through over 600 posts looking for her face would be a tall order so perhaps we'll draw a line from here on in!

Today I feel proud of my daughter and also a tiny bit proud of myself too, for truly listening to my daughter. This is the beginning of teaching her about herself, her own person, her own body and how it is up to no one else BUT HER what happens to it be it standing up to a fellow peer shoving her in school, posting a photo online or anything else.

Do you post photos of your children online? Have you stopped because your children have asked?

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What We Got Up To In January

Last year I tried my best to keep up with a weekly catch up and mostly I did (although I started it late into the year) I'm finding it difficult to write the weekly catch up, so I'm now going to blog a monthly catch up post which will be really easy to do. I'll get to look at all the bits of the month and not just the really good bits so it will be different from my 10 reasons to smile posts!


Birthday cake// Wet and muddy walks// Little A shopping// Birthday layout// Pops and Midge// Little A presenting birthday pancakes// Surprise dinner// Birthday cake lighting// My lovely flower from A

Family photo in Plymouth//  Midge in Plymouth//  Little A on a ride// Posing at the station// Super A!// My prize winning photo// Yorkshire puddings I made at Mums// New colouring books

We all started the month bunged up which wasn't a fantastic start! I saw the new year in in bed while Mr B went out for a bit and the children were snoring (and sniffing) but I was quite happy. I was mostly preoccupied with Midge's upcoming birthday at the start of the month, it had to be good obviously. In the end the day came and her party was a lovely, small gathering of cousins and friends. There were sweet things, frozen cakes and a family roast dinner on her actual birthday.

I made several trips to Weatherspoons last month (which explains why I'm so skint at the end now I suppose!) I surprised the children with after school dinner and the second trip was Mr B's birthday dinner. That was a lovely way to end a busy day in Plymouth. We got up to lots in Plymouth, looking around, shopping, enjoying several train journeys it was all such good fun and well overdue.

There were lots of wet school runs, my wellies have worked hard and have already sustained a cut so now I'm getting soggy socks every time I go out! There are some signs of Spring popping up though which of course makes me happy. Little A had a trip to the aquarium with his class and Midge brought home a trumpet from school...say no more!

What About Me?

I've looked into some courses but am keeping things close because I'm very nervous and have a few questions to ask myself first! I booked a new GP appointment to discuss my anxiety medication and I'm going to force myself to mention my chronic blushing and see if there's any help out there. I also got busy comping and it paid off winning a £50 supermarket voucher, £50 lingerie voucher, a set of pretty goodies and 2 Muggle Tour tickets. I lost the hearing in my right ear for 2 weeks which was horrid and I'm pleased it's back! I've also watched a lot of Four in a Bed!

January's Blog Posts

I reviewed Hippy Paste deodorant and now I smell fabulously minty but you can smell of lavender, citrus or even ylang ylang! I wrote about my beautiful daughter's 8th birthday and 10 Reasons to Smile which is always a lovely post to write up. I shared some early January bargains and freebies (I'll be blogging a round up of the latest prizes, bargains and freebies very soon!) Lastly, I shared an open post about a particularly hard day (week). I hope you enjoy looking back through these posts if you haven't had a chance to yet. 

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