Five Under £5 January

I was browsing through Twitter the other day when I came across Rainbeaubelle's Five under £5. Being a massive bargain hunter I have decided that this is just the new link up I have been looking for. So, lets get stuck in!

This collar was on sale on Ebay for £3.45 and it's lovely. Since Peppa was ill we've had a totally different bond, I wanted to buy her something and as she needed a new collar I bought her this lovely one. I was really pleased when I saw all the sparkles too, she wears it very proudly!

A stashed birthday gift for Midge's birthday this week. This book is full of all sorts of lovely activities that I know Midge will love doing because she is so creative. I got this from The Book People and it was only £3.95.

Another one for Midge and again it only cost £3.95 in The Book People online sale which has saved more than half on the original price. Happy Hannah.

A £3.45 book from Ebay, a little scruffy but I kind of like my books with that old look. What I hate is when people write in them (unless it's a nice note, I like them!) I bought this for an online book club I've joined but I haven't gotten around to starting it properly yet.

Finally, I know it's Christmassy but I was desperate to shut the horrid draught out and when I saw this draught excluder in Aldi in their sale for only £1.99 I had to have it.  It's such a lovely design and fits in the home perfectly so I really don't mind that I've bought a Christmas one!

Do visit Rainbeaubelle and link up your great items under £5

Cupcake Mumma
13 comments on "Five Under £5 January"
  1. Well I love a bargain too so this is right up my street Hannah! My mum got me a draught excluder for Christmas- I was looking for one as it's so cold in my drafty old house- she found me a black and white cat one, like my Jessie and Juno, for 50p in a chazza shop. Bargain!!! Have you started GWTW yet?! Our first chat about it will be on Sunday 17th at 9pm and the second will be in Sunday 31st, same time XX

    1. Oh I love the charity shops! I'm glad people are interested in these posts because I love writing them! I've only just started GWTW but i'm looking forward to joining in with you all and hopefully i'll be finished by the end of the month! xx

  2. What a bargain that draught excluder is, I would have bought it too even if it is Christmassy. I really love second hand books, I buy them sometimes for Abe books online because I quite like to get editions that I remember from when I was younger. I have never read Gone With The Wind, must be a classic though! #fiveunder5

    1. I've not read it before either it seems to be good though, I do have high hopes as its a classic book. I'm glad I'm not alone in my Christmas bargain!

  3. Thank you so much for joining in! That activity book looks really good, I haven't used the Book People but I've heard they are really good. i love a bargain book, and anything with a gingerbread man on it, definitely not just for Christmas! xx Julia @ Rainbeaubelle

    1. Oh I love them so many cheap books! Thanks for hosting I love this linky :)

  4. Ooh being completely skint after Christmas I love the idea of Julia's linky I might have to join in :)

    Stevie x

    1. Haha I'm sure we got some poundland bargains ha ha x

  5. I love Peppa's collar, she looks fab in it. I also love a book bargain and have bought a few online since Christmas. I had completely forgotten that Gone With The Wind was a book first. A lovely five xx

    1. Thanks Lisa, she loves it:) I'm hoping the book lives up to its expectations!x

  6. Gone with the wind is one of my favourite books! I want to re read it again soon! I love the book people as well, I'm always on there browsing! xx

    1. Everyone's saying how good it is so hope it lives up to it! Oh I do wish I could buy more often!x

  7. Peppa's collar is just gorgeous, and what a bargain, too?! I love the look of that activity book :) x


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