Midges Birthday ~ 8 Years Old!

Midge turned 8 just over a week ago now and I still can't believe how fast time has gone. She's doing really well in school, is always busy creating and writing at home and doting on her little brother. Midge is like me in so many ways, maybe that's why we frustrate each other sometimes so much and probably why I'm going to dread the teen years! Still, that's a long way off. I want to share with you some of Midges 8th birthday party!

I never do big 'invite the whole class' type birthdays; they're too big, too pricey and just too much everything to be honest! I always ask the children what kind of theme they want to go with, last year Midge wanted Frozen and to my surprise she went with Frozen again this year (is it just me who thought Frozen would've died out by now!?) Usually the theme comes from the cake, so Midge wanted an Elsa cake and therefore a Frozen party.

Midge invited her 2 cousins and 2 friends, one from school and one who used to be in her class but moved because she wasn't getting along with the other girls. Just shows how beautiful my girl is for wanting to keep someone she cares about in her life despite them not being 'right there.' We started off with some games. I made a big Olaf out of cardboard and cut out a carrot so the girls could play pin the carrot on Olaf. That went down a treat, My eldest niece won that one, last year we did a similar game and had Midge in tears, what a difference a year makes!

Little T winning pass the parcel

We played pass the parcel, I had to be careful of what sweets I put in because Midge is now also on a wheat free diet. Each girl got 2 sweets and my youngest niece won the overall prize. I must admit I picked her from the start because she's only 3 and the other prizes weren't going to be suitable for her.

I got the face paints out and after painting a few faces, my favourite being Little T who wanted to be Peppa Pigs teddy bear, I let the girls loose on the paints themselves. All of a sudden there was more of a Halloween theme to the party than a Frozen one!

Little T with her teddy bear/fox face paint 

I gave out a prize for best dressed and then we had food! Not a lot of  savoury options at this party (first year ever!) I went with jelly and stars, hone made star biscuits, popcorn, cucumber sticks, crisps, profiteroles and much more.

These profiteroles are gluten free so Midge didn't miss out

Finally, before everyone left we lit the cake and sung happy birthday to my little girl. By this time my nephews had arrived too so that was nice for Midge, One by one all the children went home (minus party bags which Midge was sad about but I explained I just didn't have the money to put everything else on and do party bags as well. I won't be doing party bags anymore)

A very blue birthday cake! I'm proud of this one

So that was my girls 8th birthday party and she loved it. I adore birthdays and it's always so important to me that birthdays are well enjoyed. Little A is next and I have little to no clue as to what we shall do to celebrate yet. For Midges actual birthday it was just family visiting then Grandma and Pops staying for Sunday dinner and a second birthday cake which was all lovely too.

Soon I will be doing another Q&A with Midge so do look out for that!

Midge in Plymouth
Cupcake Mumma 

10 Reasons to Smile January

1) Midge turned 8 this month which I can't quite believe. We had a family roast dinner and Frozen inspired cake for pudding and a wonderful day. She was over the moon to have a new bike and so many lovely birthday presents from all the family.

2) Midges party this month was lovely. I set a strict limit on numbers as the children always have parties at home. Midge chose her cousins plus 2 girls from school so it was a lovely day. The big girls all played with my youngest niece (who is only 3) there were no tears or fights so it was such a relaxing day for me! We played games, ate party food, had an Elsa cake and then everyone played happily outside or upstairs, easiest party ever!

3) Birthday cake is always great isn't it? I loved making Midge's 8th cake this year, the cake should've been Elsa stuck in the baked cake and looking all wonderful but due to a broken Elsa doll I had to improvise and this is what I came up with.

4) We had a trip to Plymouth on Mr B's birthday. Midge spent her birthday money, Mr B treated himself and Little A and I just had a really good day out. It was something we haven't done in a long time and long overdue, I got some lovely photos of our trip.

5) Birthday dinner was had at Weatherspoons this year and whilst it cost me a bit more than I would've liked it wasn't too bad. The meal was lovely and the most important thing was that Mr B had a really good end to his birthday.

6)  I've had 3 great comping wins this month. I've won a trip to London on the Muggles Tour (can I have a fan girl moment here..okay done) I think I'll take my mum along. I also won £50 Iceland/Birdseye vouchers and a blog giveaway for a lingerie shop online- happy Hannah!

7) I met up with Stevie from A Cornish Mum and we had a lovely breakfast together before mooching about the shops and catching up in Truro. I look forward to the next one!

8) I have bought workout gear, taken the dreaded before shots, measurements and started walking. I'm trying not to think about it all too much in the hope my good doings not only pay off but become habit.

9) Peppa Dog is all better. As you'll all know we had a very poorly dog at Christmas but throughout January our lovely Staffy has completely gone back to full health.

10) I spent some quality time with my Aunt which was so nice. She's a massive dog lover so we went to a pet shop to get some bits for her dogs (I came out with pink poop bags and a dog jumper ha!) then we went to Costa for a lovely hot chocolate. My Aunt is like a second mum to me, I love spending time with her,

So that's my 10 reasons to smile and all such wonderful days to look back on as we approach a very wet end of January and the start of a most likely wet February! What was your happiest day/moment of January? Id love to know!

Cupcake Mumma

A Cornish Mum
Ojo's World

Some Days are Just Hard

Actually it's not some days at the moment it's some weeks. Little A hasn't been sleeping too great, I'm coping with the lack of sleep, I've managed to work out 3 times this week so far and eat well too. I've been trying to keep positive for my husband who isn't happy at work and wants a new job but can't find one that he can be sure is permanent. Little A's sleep isn't awful, it's actually better than its ever been, there aren't anymore night terrors, there's no random screaming, no head banging, I'm not sure why I'm moaning to be honest! Still, it's broken sleep and school are noticing it,

They're also noticing some of his sensory processing difficulties of late which are made worse by him feeling tired. He's less able to tolerate the things he's been doing well with. This morning I went through 5 pairs of socks before he was happy to pop his shoes on. Yesterday I tried 3 different shoes. I've had problems with his trousers. School have noticed they seem 'too small in the leg'. I have several pairs at home, they are 4-5 that fall down even with the waist taken in. I have several pairs that caused him massive upset because the fabric felt like it was scratching the life out of his skin (nylon I think) Now, he fits a 3-4 but of course the legs are too short. What can I do? What can I bloody do? 

Midge has been anxious at school. She doesn't like answering questions in front of people. I suffer from social anxiety disorder, I have to fight everyday to speak to people at the moment and the instinct to pick her up and hide her away so she doesn't feel that anxiety is overwhelming. Of course, the sooner she gets used to answering these questions in her small reading groups the better. I spent most of my teenage years bunking off any presentations, I really don't want Midge to be so afraid. Her teacher seemed to understand, poor Midge feels as though her teachers are cross with her and she even asked me to home school her! Taking her away from the situation won't help; I've spent so long avoiding my fear of talking to people I am basically stuck in my house, feeling sad, lonely, sometimes content though, definitely safe but like I'm wasting everything.

I don't know what this post is. Actually I do, there was a time I'd record everything on this blog because it was for me and I'm going to go back that. Blogging as therapy as they say. 

Hippy Paste ~ A Natural Deodorant {Review}

Today I want to share with you all a product I have been testing out for about 2 weeks now, (I take these things seriously!) Since having the children my underarms clearly think that I need to sweat more than I ever did as a teenager or pre-children (thanks for that) Sweating is, of course, a completely normal bodily function, so normal it would be pretty bad if we didn't.

I've been looking for a deodorant for awhile that will help me when I'm out and about, not to stop sweating but to help with any odour that sweating might (and for me usually does) produce. I've not been disappointed by Hippy Paste from Earth Conscious in the slightest. I smell fresh all day long!

Hippy Paste (not just for hippies!) is similar to an over sized lip balm. The container is a basic pot with a screw down lid decorated with the Hippy Paste logo. The pot fits in a handbag and even in my make up bag so it's ideal to take around with you and looks much better than the often large spray deodorants or the awkward shaped roll ons.

Hippy Paste is an all natural product. Your underarms are one of the most sensitive parts of your body so a natural deodorant is a great product to use. All you need to do is massage the balm in a circular motion to warm it up a little and apply. Easy. After that you're good to go. Hippy Paste natural deodorant can be ordered in 6 different scents: citrus, ylang ylang, pure, lavender, tropical and Mint, which is the one  I have reviewed here. I'd love my armpits to smell of other great flavours like strawberries, how about you?

You can buy hippy paste online here for only £5.00 making this deodorant totally affordable, long lasting, body friendly, earth friendly and a must have product for your bathroom/bag where ever!

*I was sent a pot of Hippy Paste for the purpose of this review and have reviewed the product honestly and in my own words.

Are you considering using a natural deodorant? Would you use Hippy Paste? 

Cupcake Mumma

What We've Been Up To...Weeks 1&2

Hello all, I haven't dropped off the planet, I've been a bit unmotivated when it comes to, well, anything to be honest, then I fell ill with this horrid cold which is now starting to clear thank goodness but the idea of staring at a bright laptop screen just hasn't appealed to me for several days.

I wanted to post a catch up of our first 2 weeks into 2016 which I hope to continue throughout the year whenever I have time. I have some reviews coming up which I'm looking forward to writing up and some other posts are sat in my draft folder waiting to be finished, so lots to come on Cupcake Mumma. For now though, I hope the first couple of weeks has been good for you all and while I'm at it, let me know what you've been up to (and what you think of the new blog design!)

Week 1

The trouble with typing these posts up late is that it's hard to remember exactly what you've been up to! The children went back to school on January 4th and they both had a great first week back. Midge has been doing some drawing competitions which is really good for her confidence plus she's learning it's great to win but we can't win everything all the time. I love her under the sea picture.

I've spent a lot of time with the pooch lately, she may be replacing the children since they are at school all day! She's had a lovely new collar bought for her, we've had plenty of snuggles too. I spent the first week of January doing some drawing, seeing my Gran and her new rescue dog again and I bought myself a new book too. I may have also had the first English breakfast of very many in the first week of 2016 as well!

Week 2

I can be more clearer on week 2- Hurrah! The week was a total wash out weather wise so it's been thick coats, welly boots and wrapping up warm on the school runs. Everything has turned into mulch and mud (including my poor back garden which will need some serious TLC come Spring!) I did see a lovely rainbow at the beginning of the week that I just had to capture. I also wanted to kick Monday up the butt by taking the Mini Cupcakes for a quick charity shop browse and a surprise meal out instead of more boring home cooking after school!

The rest of the week I spent doing a lot of housework and a lot of party prep. I made my own Olaf for Midge's 8th Frozen inspired birthday party which happened on the 16th January. I was quite pleased with my little attempt at a pin the carrot on Olaf and the children loved him! I spent yet more time cuddling the pooch, baking biscuits, cakes and the main birthday cake of course (which I'm oh so proud of) I also met up with the very lovely Stevie from A Cornish Mum in Truro where I enjoyed learning some new blogging things, catching up, browsing books and clothes and enjoying a huge breakfast at a new to me cafe (that I now have to take all of my family to)

After doing all the food and shopping Saturday came around and I was ready to give Midge a lovely Frozen themed party. Her cousins came and 2 friends from school. We did some face painting, ate lots of sugary, yummy party food, played pass the parcel, enjoyed putting carrots on Olaf and having lots of fun in general. Nobody was left out, there were no tears and there wasn't really much mess either! Midge had a wonderful time. On Sunday my parents came over for a family roast dinner which is pretty traditional with our birthdays. Midge opened her gifts, had a wonderful day and enjoyed more birthday cake. I really cannot believe she is now 8 years old!

Cupcake Mumma

Five Under £5 January

I was browsing through Twitter the other day when I came across Rainbeaubelle's Five under £5. Being a massive bargain hunter I have decided that this is just the new link up I have been looking for. So, lets get stuck in!

This collar was on sale on Ebay for £3.45 and it's lovely. Since Peppa was ill we've had a totally different bond, I wanted to buy her something and as she needed a new collar I bought her this lovely one. I was really pleased when I saw all the sparkles too, she wears it very proudly!

A stashed birthday gift for Midge's birthday this week. This book is full of all sorts of lovely activities that I know Midge will love doing because she is so creative. I got this from The Book People and it was only £3.95.

Another one for Midge and again it only cost £3.95 in The Book People online sale which has saved more than half on the original price. Happy Hannah.

A £3.45 book from Ebay, a little scruffy but I kind of like my books with that old look. What I hate is when people write in them (unless it's a nice note, I like them!) I bought this for an online book club I've joined but I haven't gotten around to starting it properly yet.

Finally, I know it's Christmassy but I was desperate to shut the horrid draught out and when I saw this draught excluder in Aldi in their sale for only £1.99 I had to have it.  It's such a lovely design and fits in the home perfectly so I really don't mind that I've bought a Christmas one!

Do visit Rainbeaubelle and link up your great items under £5

Cupcake Mumma

Our Christmas 2015

So Christmas came and went as it always seems to do. Ten days prior to all the festivities our dog Peppa fell ill, in the end we caught everything just in time and although very poorly, she made it through her emergency surgery and is now back to full health; our greatest Christmas present really!

When all of the the drama was over we were all much more relaxed and started to organise those last few bits that had escaped us whilst being so busy with everything else! The children made some reindeer dust with me and we sprinkled it outside our house. We laid out carrots, milk and plenty of cookies then it was time for bed.
As usual we sat down to wrap gifts on Christmas Eve with some nibbles and nervous glances around the corner to make sure no little feet were creeping down the stairs! We got everything wrapped and under the tree, we fixed up Little A's train table and found a few sheets to hide it under. Finally we filled the stockings, did the annual snowy footprints from the front door and nibbled a cookie left out by the children. 

Little A on Christmas morning// Santas treats// Christmas Eve breakfast with my sister// Lots of gifts wrapped// Mr B losing the plot!

New train table!// Midge with her toys// Cider and black current// Christmas dinner say Family!// Roast// Mince Pies for pudding! 

Christmas morning was great. I had slept on the sofa because Peppa was still under observation but it was okay, the tree lights came on early, I could hear the children waking up and then running around after finding their stockings. Then everyone came down and we all opened our gifts from Father Christmas. The children read their letters and got excited seeing all the gifts under the tree. Little A's face was a picture when we revealed the train table. Both children were over the moon with their gifts this year.

I got some lovely new shoes and some nice stocking fillers. I also had a big pink mug with a tub of hot chocolate sitting inside which was a huge win for me! We all got some many nice things from each other and then we opened even more on Boxing Day at my Grans where we ate a lovely roast dinner. It was doubly nice because it was the last day my sister would be here before heading back to her boyfriend up country.

My looking after a poorly Peppa// Midge got hair chalk for Christmas// I got new Care Bears!// New mug being tested// Making mince pies on Christmas Eve

Peppa came with us on Boxing Day// Grans Christmas tree// My angel from my Aunt// New stationery from my sister

Christmas Day was lovely, it was the first time we had celebrated Christmas Day just the 4 of us and I will absolutely be doing it again this year. There was no pressure, just films on the television, gifts opened early, the children playing with their toys and I could get on with the dinner with some help from Mr B. It really was lovely.

The only thing I missed was our usual walk around the neighbourhood on Christmas Eve before bed with the children. It's so nice to see how much effort everyone goes to with their trees in the windows and the decorations outside, I hope we feel more in the mood 

Did you have a good Christmas? I sure hope so and I'd love to hear about your favourite Christmas moments of 2015.

Cupcake Mumma

Recent Freebies, Bargains and Wins! #1

Happy New Year you lovely lot! I'll be writing up my Christmas post soon but I wanted my first post of 2016 to feature my most recent freebies, bargains and wins because I'm hoping to have the whole year full of cheap or free stuff to save money! Hope you enjoy!

Using magicfreebiesuk.co.uk, latestfreestuff.co.uk (you might recognise them from this weeks Dragons Den!) and keeping my eye out on Twitter (follow my other account here for comping and freebie finds!) I've had a nice few bits of free happy post pop through my door in December.

Olay was a great find on Twitter and I totally forgot about it! I was really pleased when it came in the post, love a surprise! This cream is retailing for £9.99 in my local Superdrug so a great freebie win. I've put it in my hamper which I've started again for birthdays throughout the year and Christmas. I got the Candy Crush perfume through my sister and it actually smells lovely. The cream was from a free stuff search and it's really nice.

I hit the sales after Boxing Day and wasn't disappointed. All these buys have been either put in the hamper or under the bed for 2 impending January birthdays! One box of M&M's may have already been eaten!

Before Christmas I was sent a hamper, I think a few people on social media got one and a few bloggers did too. It was a hamper with a Yorkshire theme from Plusnet and was a nice surprise through the door.

My most recent win (I haven't been lucky yet this month) is still from December and was a set of Sims games from a mumsnet Twitter competition, I was well chuffed!

Have you nabbed any freebies? Won any competitions or bagged any bargains recently? I want to know!

Happy (Frugal) New Year!

Cupcake Mumma