Photo a Day January Round Up

I've been doing my photo a day rather quietly as last year I gave up around May and felt a bit annoyed with myself. This year however, I'm not looking at is a challenge but more something to look for in my day..whatever the prompt may be! So here's to January:

1)Today: We had beautiful sunshine to wake up to on New Years Day which was perfect.

2)Something New: I've decided to start a journal of 2013, a bit like those life journals that I see a lot. This is a lot more manageable for me though!

3)Heart: My favourite cushions

4)The View from Here: My boy sitting on the other end of the sofa just before bedtime

5)Movement: I started the 30 Day Shred this month!

6)Street: My street at night, very quiet on this occasion.

7)Mine: This lemon meringue pie was mostly eaten by ME because it was MINE!

8)Something Beginning with T: Toes!

9)Paper: A letter written to me from my Lithuanian penpal Monika.

10)One O'Clock: In the afternoon I sat down with a lovely hot chocolate. I think it was a particularly chilly day this one.

11)Water: Rain poured on us during the morning school run. Luckily we had our trusty brollies!

12)Surprise: we took Midge to the aquarium as a surprise birthday treat. This croc was also a surprise because he looked fake!

13)Circle: My beautiful wedding ring

14)Something Yellow: Party bags for Midges Rainbow party

15)An Ordinary Moment: The school run

16)Two Things: Party bag favours. A teddy for the youngest and lollies for the older children

17)Ready: Midges birthday cake all ready to be shown off to the Birthday Girl!

18)Shadow: The shadow of my ice cream bowl

19)Delicious: My dinner was so tasty!

20)Something you saw: Midges Cinderella doll

21)What You Do: I get to lay in with my babies (some days) I do love being a stay-at-home Mum!

22)Corner: Daddy on the corner of the bed with Little Man


24) Stripes: The rather funky train doors of the Virgin Train we travelled on

25) Landscape: I walked home from my massage and passed this beautiful graveyard. I thought it was a good shot for this prompt.

26) Together: My hand linked together with Midges

27) Sun: Due to alack of the big ball in the sky, I settled with a yellow flying saucer..because I can..

28) Through: Looking through a heart hanging I have you can see a photo of my nephew and niece plus my lovely wall art.

29) Grow: Little Mans nails grow so quick! He loves having them cut though so Daddy takes the clippers to then regularly

30) Down: Me being very quiet after finally being able to go downstairs, leaving the night monkeys to their sleep

31) Yourself: Hard one today as I don't feel in the mood! But here I am in all my edited glory.

I'm looking forward to Februarys Photo A Day now. Are you?

10 Good Things January

So the first month of the year has come to an end. It's been a good month for me, a hard one for those close to me but I hope things improve soon.

I'm going to write 10 things for every month of this year in order to look back and find the goodness in my days. For every down day there are far more good ones.

If you feel like you want to write your own 10 Good Things then please do, I'd love to read them!

1) Myself and Little Man have found the perfect toddler group. Mums and Dads alike will know these are like gold dust but this one is small, not cliquey in the slightest and is one of the only groups apart from the library locally that is still free. Little Man loves it and I feel happy attending so I think it's a keeper!

2) We got a date for a festival my family hold every year and we're really excited to plan our trip. I love Cambridge and this year hope to explore a bit more!

3) My sister and I have had much more contact than we did last year which has been great. I know she's happy, having fun and meeting some lovely people.

4) I've had some fabulous reviews to do over January and I hope to get more. I don't do many reviews and I like it that way but what I do review I love and more often than not become a new customer myself!

5) I sent a surprise gift to a friend who was feeling a little low this month and it made her feel better. Of course this makes me feel good! As we approach February my next surprise gift will be going out. Yey!

6) With just one more photo to take I have finally, finally completed my first ever photo a day! Look out for my round up post tomorrow!

7) I'm feeling fitter! I lost a few pounds at the beginning of January and feel a bit healthier. I'm doing an Ab Fab February challenge, inspired by Cupcakemummy which I'm looking forward to..sort of! There will be before and after pics for this challenge!

8) Midge turned 5 and had an awesome birthday. When we eventually had her birthday party that too was thoroughly enjoyed!

9) I've found my motivation to study which is great. Luckily for me my mother in law is on hand with her printer as mine has yet again decided it hates me! Still, where there's a will there's a way!

10) I officially couldn't give a flying monkeys arse about certain school mums! I now talk to a good handful of mums and have noticed the ones who ignore not just me but other mothers too are completely alone until their clique arrives. That's how much they've alienated themselves and its sad but I'm pleased I no longer feel less than them. It's all about confidence really, so I found some!

As usual, thank you for reading. Here's to February!



My Little Man will be 2 in just a few weeks time. He said his first word at, heck I don't remember but I know it was his sisters name and that it was incredibly sweet to hear him say it.

From there it was, in no particular order: 'Hi,' 'bye,' 'lub yoo' then just recently 'love you' as well as the usual Mum, Dad, 'uh oh' and 'oh well.' He hasn't started joining words together just yet and I don't expect him to.When the time comes however I think,no wait I KNOW what his first, fully fledged sentence will be:

Watch out for the dog poo!!

It may not happen but currently, and not limited to my town, there seems to be a vile rise in the non collection of ones dog crap. In some cases there is so much dog poop on the pavements (especially and annoyingly on the school route) that I have invented a game which requires total alertness and super skills:

Buggy Poo Dodging.

I'm ace at it now, although times are bad at the moment. I actually have to go on the road to avoid serious wheel coverage. That's bad. And my skills in buggy poo dodging ain't that good.

In all seriousness though why can't certain people pick up their dogs leavings? Why can't these people see that their behaviour is totally disgusting and completely selfish? Twice I've been greeted by some pooches 5am leavings on my doorstep.

What can we do though? Not a lot I suppose. Ill just continue to hone my amazing buggy skills and hope pray that the aforementioned sentence is absolutely NOT my sons first.


Catch Up with The Cupcakes

Time for a little catch up I think. We haven't been up to anything amazing but everyday has potential with my two!

We've had the drag to ballet class Saturday (which always ends in a fantastic session and a prancing Midge) and the long awaited 5th birthday party. Midge invited 6 friends to her little tea party in our cosy little house and they all had a great time!

We played pin the tail on the donkey (which I'm convinced there was DEFINITE cheating involved,the little tykes!)

There was the must-have games such as musical statues, musical bumps and sleeping lions (best game ever invented!) Daddy even took it upon himself to learn the art of making balloon dogs:

There was, of course, cake. White, rainbow themed cake as promised. I couldn't be doing with coloured cake layers so I took the easy route and went with decorating the cake all simple and pretty.

We had bunting, colourful party bags and, wait for it: milkshake in mini glasses with funky straws and hundred and thousands:

Cool right? Yes, I know, Mum of the year award stuff that is!

Little Man has recently decided that he's far too big for his daytime naps and has taken to throwing himself out of his cot for a little toddle to the stairs before screaming 'Mum!!' It's very sweet, slightly annoying but just another step in the growing up direction!

Today I picked up his forms for starting nursery *sobs* which seems scary but don't worry, this Mummy won't be toddler-less until Easter next year so that's plenty of time for the Little Man to wreak havoc on the home!

He's also learnt how to say 'love you' so that saves his cute little bottom most of the time!

I'm knuckling down with the good old studying which is awfully dull sometimes but will explain any blogging absence (should there be any!)

Hope you are all having a good week!


Scavenger Hunt Sunday #3

I'm now three weeks into Scavenger Hunt Sunday and I'm really enjoying the challenge of finding all the prompts. Here are my offerings for this week:

The only lace I have *winks*


This is the kind of 'bling' you'll find in the Cupcake House. Midge and I are pretty girly and none of us like gold so colourful and quirky it is!


I could've photographed a table but that would've been boring no? Instead, here are some lovely little birds catching the early morning sun. It's sometimes worth freezing on the school run for some sights.


Cinderella sure has had some hair styling problems this week! I'm not sure what Midge did to her but she is indeed looking a bit fuzzy..


My beautiful niece surrounded by soft fabric. This is an old shot but couldn't be more perfect.

Do check out the other lovely bloggers who participate in this weekly hunt.

Reasons To Be Cheerful No.3

I missed a week and that's annoying but I'm in a good mood today so here are my Reasons To Be Cheerful this week:

1) I had an actual massage today! Not a thumb digging lousy attempt by The Husband, but a full on proper massage. It was amazing! Next month I'm going to go for some Hopi ear candle therapy.

2) Yesterday was Husband's birthday and we had a lovely day. We dropped Midge off to school (although we would've loved to have had her with us, learning is more important than a shopping trip) and set off to Truro so Hubby could spend his birthday money. I even bought myself some lovely marzipan chocolate, a brand new bag and funky nail art. Win.

3) Midge's Rainbow Party is on Sunday so it's all systems go here after it was cancelled last week. My house will be bursting at the seams but I hope everyone enjoys themselves.

4) I had a great chat with my sister the other night and she's really happy, this in turn makes me happy. Love you Little Sis xx

I could think of more but you'd be here all day so, what are you cheerful about this week?


Midge Turns 5!

On Wednesday 16th I stayed up late preparing cake, wrapping gifts and putting up decorations. Why? Because our Midge was going to turn 5! We woke up bright and early to have pancakes for breakfast (just the two of us) and when Daddy came down Midge opened her long awaited for gifts:

She also got a brand new bike, a fab drawing of Doctor Who by her Uncle, 2 Disney dolls, a baby you can dress up and some onesies (plus more!)

Midge opened her cards (she adores getting post and often opens mine!) before getting her uniform on and heading off to school. Three other children in her class had birthdays too which surprised me! They ate butterfly cakes and received a 'Happy Birthday' card from the school which is something for the memory box.

Later on, Daddy made the Birthday Girls requested dinner: egg and soldiers! Fortunately I put in a request for homemade fish and chips so also thoroughly enjoyed my dinner too. We did the singing and blowing out of the candles which Midge enjoyed, despite Little Man coming in for a blow!

Later on Midge started feeling unwell and ended up off school the next day. Today I had to cancel the long awaited for rainbow party and hope all her friends can still come next week instead. We had a lovely cuddle though which got me thinking that actually, she may be 5, and as much as she already dislikes it, she'll always be my baby.

Happy Birthday Midge xxxx

A Letter for Midge

You're 5 years old tomorrow my precious little girl and each day you change that little bit more.

Right now you love Max and Ruby because you like rabbits and find the accent funny. You like Disney Princesses and are still as creative as you've ever been! My house is full of lid-less pens and unsharpened pencils complete with notepads and paper taking up each corner of the home!

You hug your brother tightly everyday after school, it's clear to me you miss each other and have a close bond. I hope it stays that way for a long time. You both share a bedroom and can't sleep without the other, that's quite sweet because I know in time you'll be desperate for your own space and Daddy and I will be contemplating wall partitions!

You're enjoying school a lot and make me so proud. You particularly like maths and sadly find reading boring! You love writing though so there's still hope for English!

You ask me every week if we can change your brother into a girl and when I explain that no, we can't, you then lecture me on the many reasons why you must have a little sister. We'll come back to that one in a few years I think!

I'm very much looking forward to watching you turn 5 Midge. I'm looking forward to seeing you dance and have fun when Sunday comes and all your little friends pile in our small home for your rainbow themed party. I've made things extra special for you Midgey, I hope you like it.

We had a tough start you and I my wonderful little girl. There was even a time I thought leaving you with your Daddy was the best thing I could do. But Mummy would've been so very sad. It may have been hard and there's still some tough times ahead, I just know you're going to be a tough cookie and a little stubborn like Mummy but I won't ever want to change you.
You Midge, gave Mummy direction, a meaning when I felt I was nothing. It's because of you Midge that I'm studying, that Mummy and Daddy are so happy in our little home with your younger brother and you. It's because of you Midge, that I faced my worst fears with anxiety and depression.

I love you Midge, with all my heart.
Happy Birthday.
Love Mummy XxxX

Crafty Creatives Box 7 is Here!

I was really hoping my next Crafty Creatives box would be delivered today and I'm so pleased it has been! I love my monthly craft treat and really like not knowing what treats are hidden in the box!

If you're waiting on your box, don't look now because I'm about to show off my goodies!

First of all the art work. I love this illustration by Lucy and I'm actually going to stick it up on my bedroom wall. The art gave away the box contents straight away: a lovely nature theme! Lots of wood items and woodland-themed items which will make adorable crafts.

I absolutely love the 3 little mushrooms I received, I think i'll make a bracelet? Not sure yet.

In the box there are 2 adorable foxes which could make lovely earrings. I don't have pierced ears though so I think i'll make mine into a simple keyring.There are some wooden leaf buttons, leaf pendants and 3 birch hearts with a pine cone (which Midge will cover in glitter!)

This owl pendant is amazing! How beautiful a statement will that make with an outfit? There are also 2 pots of Flower Soft with glue which means you can make cute little flowers. My Mother in Law makes cards and I've seen her use this before- lovely, but a bit messy!

Owl print fabric that screams out my name! I sense mini bunting!!
Finally we have this months Craft Kit which should be interesting: felting.

I'm a bit nervous about this. I still haven't attempted my crotchet mouse so I need to have a go at one of them soon!

I hope you enjoy your Crafty Creatives box as much as I know I will!

Reasons To Be Cheerful: Week 2

So, I'm a bit late in posting week twos R2BC but better late than never hey? My reasons for smiling since last week are:

1) I walked Midge into her school room today and saw a little girl, who I know by name and am friendly with her mother, who was crying reading her a book. The teacher had spoken to her and then left to see to other pupils and parents, which is fair enough. I couldn't leave though and felt that I had to try to make this child happy again.
I did. I spoke to her about missing her Mummy and that she would have a great day at school then see her Mum later. I read her book then went through a hat box where I discovered some pretty cool puppets I used to get some giggles. Soon after, she hopped off her pillow, picked up a pen and started writing on the white board before the bell rang. I started my morning feeling very happy with myself and very pleased that this little girls day had changed from possibly still sobbing through the register to smiling through it instead.

2) We visited Newquay Aquarium last Saturday and had such a great time, it was the best family day out we've had in a long time. Here are some of my favourite bits:

3) Both of the children have been sleeping much better this last week which has meant I've been able to start my work out DVD and continue working on my 2013 journal as well as catching up on some studying.

4) Midge is 5 this week and I'm so excited for her to see her presents. We've bought her a scooter (I personally hate the damn things on a school run so let's just say we'll be going to the park more!) and 2 beautiful Disney dolls to go with the one she was bought at Christmas:

Finally, Little Man has been a lot more vocal. He'll be 2 next month which is just crazy because he still seems like my little baby (Mummies Boy!) he's saying his "Uh ohs" and "Oh no" along with "bye" and I think he's trying to say 'night' and 'love you' at bedtime which is adorable. His first word was actually his sisters' name which was just amazing.

There you have it, a lovely week had and I'm hoping to link up this Thuraday with some more happy offerings!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I've been following Ramblings and Photos for some time and thought I'd finally start joining in with her weekly Scavenger Hunt Sunday link up.


The beautiful view of Newquay beach on Saturday. It was bitterly cold but so worth it for that photo.


Dad and son walking side by side to the shops. They walk exactly the same.

Little Things

It's the little things in life that make me smile. Surprise gifts, post, hot chocolate. Definitely rainbows on a miserable day.

A Cup Of...

Warming hot chocolate with giant marshmallows in a new mug. Can't beat that on a cold winters night now can you?


This photo was taken on my wedding day. I like to look back and reflect on happy memories all the time. This is (L-R) my Dad, Aunt Susie, Aunt Chrissie and my Uncle Steve. Wonderful people, especially my amazing Dad x