Bargains, Sock Monkeys and Other Things

It has been a hot couple days for Cornwall amoungst other places in the UK. Had a bit of a time adjusting to it but a burst of sun has done everyone a bit of good, even if it is a bit weird in October!

First off, my sister in law started making sock monkeys last week, which i thought was quite cool. Now i've made a couple myself. They aren't fab, nothing special, a bit rough around the edges, but I find it very relaxing sewing them. So far i've made 2, 'Penny' and 'Two Tone:

I've got a good number of pricks and scratches on my fingers, not to mention actually snapping a needle (how? I dont know)

Also have stumbled across a couple of bargains recently. One was a great drawing table for Little Miss in a charity store which I got for £5 (couldn't believe how cheap it was!) and the other was a teddy with a CD attached to it for £1 from a local bargain shop. I know the last one doesn't sound so cool. but this CD was a Christmas one, and I cannot wait for christmas! I have a cuboard packed with gifts already and just finished my PARK order of vouchers which I should get this month. Anyway, when I wake up and realise it is infact the 1st of December I will be playing my new CD and I cannot wait!

As you can see, Little Miss is already enjoying her desk
He is pretty cute no?
A part from all that, there's not much to say other than all is well. Little Man's teeth are really poking through now which is so great when he gives you that great big smile! Little Miss has enjoed another day of school. Turns out there was a birthday today as both her and her cousins came marching out, big smiles on their faces with chocolate cake in one hand, a (clean and unused) paper towel in the other and the rest on their faces! Great!
Have a good weekend Cupcake Mumma x

The Gallery: Home

Home means different things for different people. The place where I live now is finally a home, we have been through a lot with houses and finally things seem to have settled in our current residence. But I am a country girl born and bred. I have never lived anywhere else, but when I was pregnant with my second little blessing we soon realised that the countryside was just not appropriate when Little Miss was nearing nursery age and we needed to be near doctors, hospitals and well, shops!!!

I am still adjusting to town life, I find it mighty convenient and life is easier, but is it quieter? No definitely not. Is it fun? No not really. Do i appreciate what I have oh yes, massively. But I wish i spent even more time exploring our woods across the road, walking the roads figuring out life's great mysteries, spent more time at the beautiful beach we would regularly walk to. Its a shame my Little Man is missing out on what Little Miss enjoyed so much, the local park is fun, the walks are good and interesting, but nothing compares to the peace and quiet, the beauty of the true countryside.

The picture above is in fact a picture I took a long time ago of the beach we lived a stones throw from. Porthallow is a quiet little village full of friendly Cornish folk and considerate holiday makers who love the beach just as much as the locals. If you're ever out on The Lizard in Cornwall, please check this quiet little place out. The countryside, the beauty, the peace and wonder of nature will always be my true home.

However, As I stated before, home means different things to different people, as everything in life. And that is also true I would imagine for our wonderful pets! Here's our wonderful hamster Crunchie, I don't think he'd like my home much do you? He is quiet happy with his warm and cosy little house!


Cupcake Mumma xxx
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We were all rather stuck on what to do today as Little Miss was happy to lounge about in her pajamas all day long, Little Man just doesn't care and lets the world go by, I was sat watching Super Nanny US feeling slightly bored (after all, how many times have I watched these repeats?) meanwhile other half was up stairs hiding away watching Transformers on his new 'bargain' TV.
I decided that enough was enough and we should go shopping for the bits we needed to transform these bedrooms from plaster wrecked messes to lovely, comfy places of relaxation...there wasn't much at the market and nothing much better in Tesco, so we'll be tacking a short trip around the corner to Pound Stretcher tomorrow I think!

I did get a couple of rather nice wall stickers for either side of the children's bedroom, something to add a personal touch to their sides of the room. Little man is pleased with his dinosaurs and Little Miss is pleased with her pretty princess fairies and stars...they were reduced to £2 which I still consider a bit steep to be honest given there's not much on them, i would never buy them over that price though.
I also picked up a lovely throw to place on my bed when the new cover goes on. It'll match the walls and duvet fabulously!

We took a rare trip up to McDonald's (don't care what anyone says, their fries are The Best, end of!) After shelling out for Little Miss's Happy Meal I wasn't so happy when she declared she was no longer hungry and then proceeded to throw a tantrum because she wasn't allowed her toy. I have noted to myself that I either won't bother going there (okay, maybe sneak some fries for me as you do) but from now on, No More Happy Meals..what a waste of money!! And I am hating money wastage right now.

Anyway, now that the children are fast asleep (for now) and the other half is on the Xbox pleased as punch with his new cable that makes the Tv all big and bright (HD?) I was reading through some blogs I follow and came across a post about 'The Coca-Cola Recyclometre' which was on the blog belonging to BeingaMummy, and i thought I'd also share this about. Basically you can add all of the things that are currently sat in your recycling box onto the screen and it tells you how much energy you save.
So i decided to give it a little whirl, trying hard to think of all the random boxes and bottles I have in my big black box (i have way more than is on the screen) and I can't believe what my recycling could power! So, here's a print screen for you!